“If We Don’t Win” single is out!

Check out our bandcamp site for the new free download single “If We Don’t Win,” from the upcoming full-length “Coloratura.”

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Head over to our bandcamp page to pick up our new jams for 7 bucks or stream them for free!

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Internet Party LP

The new album will be out very, very soon. Here’s the tracklist:

1. Battles
2. Young & Better
3. The Easy Score
4. Tell Us What To Do
5. We Will Never Have This Night Again
6. In Cold Blood
7. Airplanes & Spaceships
8. Easy Days / Busy Days


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“Neighbors” 7″ – Download

We’re proud to announce the latest fruits of our labor, a 3-song single called “Neighbors.” We like to think of it as a complimentary appetizer for our full-length LP, which will follow hot on its heels.

1. Neighbors
2. All Her Kinks
3. Dudes Die

Download the “Neighbors” single.

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H8 2 Say Eye Told U So

We told Prince we were planning on releasing a pair of albums simultaneously.

He seemed puzzled.

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Dudes Die E.P. – Download

The long-awaited Dudes Die E.P.
Download it here, gratis

1. Letter Openers
2. Action
3. Lean Times
4. It’s Not Funny
5. Over and Over
6. Sudden Sparks and Brief Reasonings
7. Got A Feelin’
8. Panopticon
9. Oh Yeah

Total: 28:07

Enjoy it all,
Dave, Luke & Jeremy (x2)

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From the forthcoming Dudes Die E.P., we present “Action.”

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